Get great content from other TCM users - all on monthly fees without per-student charges. Licence your content to other TCM users to generate revenue on work you did for your own audience! Earn residual dollars on your content just by putting it out there for other users.

Got TCM? You’re in the family…

TCSuite with Webservices users are connected to the content of other users. You can see programs other users have made available for licensing and experience the content as any student would. If you like the program, simply license it and you can begin using offering it your own TCM portal to your students.

Flat fee licensing - what a concept!

Do you pay the publisher of the video you use in class every time a student sees it? How about the manufacturer of that manikin - do you pay those guys every time a student pounds on it? No? Then why do that with software training? TCM APP STORE courses are licensed for a period of time, not on a per-student basis. Simply pay a reasonable monthly fee to offer a course and put as many students through it as you want to without a per-person cost. Bundle the online courses with an AED sale, add online classes to a package of in-person offerings, or offer a client a retainer of online courses for a flat fee. The world is your oyster when you’re not paying per head! Read More

Double the output on every program you make by offering it to other TC Software users for licensure

You just spent 18 hours making the best online infection control inservice on the planet. The 34 employees at your ambulance service thought it was awesome! How about getting that work in front of 34,000 students? Set a monthly cost for the program and push it to TCM APP STORE. Hundreds of other training centers have access to your program while you make a monthly residual check on the licensing costs. Who said spending 18 hours developing a 1-hour inservice was over-thinking it? Read More