Have your certification cards anywhere you are

Health care and EMS professionals routinely have numerous credentials they maintain related to their career or volunteer activities. It’s not unusual to have a physician, nurse, EMT or paramedic keep five , six or more certifications or licenses with various expiration and renewal dates.

Keeping and maintaining these is complex. It may require continuing education courses, licensure applications, and facing audits by licensing boards. Employers and managers also often ask for copies of these credentials for their own records.

Managing these credentials can be a challenge. Remembering all of the various expiration dates, forwarding copies of cards to supervisors, and finding timely retraining is a hassle no busy professional wants to have. Cert Master is a solution for the modern health care worker, allowing him or her to harness the power of a mobile device to track credentials.

The application for managing licenses and certifications

Cert Master is simple to use. Make yourself a user profile . Enter the data from all your certifications, take a picture of each card, and associate it with the proper credentials. Synchronize with the internet, and you’re done. Your certification card images and data will be safely stored on the cloud for later retrieval from any mobile device. You can get all your certs back from your tablet or your new upgraded phone. You will get reminders when your certification cards are about to expire. You can text or email copies of your cards to your managers right from your mobile device. It’s a powerful, convenient, and free way of organizing your medical credentials so you spend less time managing paper and more time taking care of patients.


  • Log credentials and expiration dates
  • Store copies of cards
  • Text/email copies of cards to others
  • Send records to cloud
  • Retrieve records from other devices