ET3 - Emergency Total Training Tool

Your New Best Friend

It’s your presentation device, running your Powerpoint presentations or video footage. It’s your internet search teool when you need to Google the answer to a particularly obscure question. It’s your AED trainer during CPR skills, and your monitor-defibrillator when you teach ACLS or PALS. It’s your service computer when you need to push new software to an AED. It’s your everyday computer when you need to send your course data to your training center or check your email.

It’s the ET3.

The device that does it all….

The ET3 is a laptop/tablet hybrid that allows the emergency care instructor the ability to perform several functions of their job with one high-tech tool. In laptop mode, the ET3 is a robust data entry tool with spacious keyboard that can be used to complete course records. In tent mode, the ET3 can use our ALSVitalSim application to simulate a monitor/defibrillator in your ACLS or PALS course. In tablet mode, the ET3 can mimic an AED with our AED Trainer application, or be a handy platform for pushing software to AED devices. In any mode, the ET3 can connect to a high-definition HDMI TV or projector to run training films or Powerpoint presentations. It’s a total solution for emergency care trainers, and with new applications released frequently the ET3 can be a virtual NRP instrument panel, pulse oxymeter, or suction unit that you control remotely.

The Props

Adult defibrillation electrodes

Pediatric defibrillation electrodes

SPO2 finger probe

ET Tube probe ETCO2 detector

Adult/Child/infant BP cuff

4 lead monitor cable

The Software

Windows 8.1 operating system

ALSVitalSim* monitor/defib app

BLSVitalSim* AED/BP/SPO2 app

AED Trainer App*

NRP Instrument Panel* for NRP class

Suction Unit App*

* Trial versions installed on all ET3’s; some programs are unlocked based on ET3 purchased

The Hardware

11” Touchscreen with IPS


500 GB SATA Hard drive

2.42GHz Intel Pentium Processor

Micro-HDMI output

1x USB 3.0, 1x USB 2.0 plugs

Full size SD card slot

Information and Purchasing

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Price and Purchasing

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