Training Center Management Products

In this section you can learn a little more about the training center management products we promote at Training Center Technologies.

Training Center Manager and related products

We’ve been making software for training centers since 1999. Our product was there when pulse checks vanished from lay rescuer CPR classes. We saw tourniquets be in vogue, out, then back in again. We remember Bretylium for cardiac arrest. Emergency care training has changed, as has computer technology. All the while, Training Center Manager has kept up with the times adding features, updating card templates, and giving instructors the solutions they need.

Version 7 of the TCM family of products packs robust features into an elegant cloud-based display. Whether used on a computer, home laptop, tablet or phone , it allows emergency care training centers to reach students, instructors, and clients in ways never previously possible.

Training Center Manager

This entry-level solution is the engine that runs your training center. Schedule classes, generate rosters and sign-in sheets, register students and manage instructors. Print course completion cards from all the major accrediting bodies. Search out students and reissue course completion cards in a few mouse clicks . Email confirmations easy as pie. Read More

Training Center Suite

Take Training Center Manager, and surround it with cool applications that do billing, purchasing, AED program management, Quality Assurance, sales and quote tracking, and other useful functions. Make purchase orders and track monies spent. Some would say Suite is pretty sweet, but not us - too cliché! Read More

TCSuite With Webservices

It’s the grandpappy of all Training Center programs. It’s Training Center Suite, with a side order of extra automation. Students register and pay online and their info is automatically available for course completion card printing. Instructors can submit rosters remotely and pay for their cards online . They can also self-schedule to teach classes when you need help. Students can generate Continuing Education transcripts when they are due to relicense and print certificates. Clients can see previous courses you ran at their facilities. Just awesome! Read More