NRP Instrument Panel

Interactive digital instrument panel for your NRP class

Practice key skills with your NRP students such as SPO2 monitoring, and oxygen blending and titration.

You control the action by remote control and make the patient’s saturation and heart rate go up and down as your scenario calls for.

Your NRP skills session has never been so dynamic or educational - at a reasonable price.

The NRP instrument panel includes a radiant warmer, a HELP button, a suction unit, a pulse oxymeter with pulse rate, and an oxygen blender. This tool simulates the key functions of neonatal resuscitation and permits you, the instructor, to guide the action with a remote control.


  • Heart monitoring
  • Pulse oxymetry monitoring
  • Oxygen blending
  • HELP button to summon assistance
  • Radiant warmer


  • Heart rates from 0 - 162
  • SPO2 values from 0 - 99
  • Oxygen concentrations 21%-100%
  • Flow rates from 0 - 25lpm
  • 4 responses to HELP requests
  • Optional ECG display


  • Touchscreen tablet or computer
  • Keyboard (ideally wireless) to control the device

Screen Shots

Video Tutorial