Scenario-based training for EMT’s with vital signs that respond to treatment - what a concept!

Use a tablet with BLSVitalSim to simulate three key pieces of EMS equipment - an AED, a pulse oxymeter, and an automated blood pressure machine.

As the instructor you can make rhythms shockable or non-shockable remotely with a remote. Make the BP go up or down in response to treatment. Kick the SPO2 up ten points after the non-rebreather goes on the patient. Too cool!

A BLS-level vital signs monitor, BLSVitalSim provides you with the ability to engage EMT students with dynamic vital signs monitoring in addition to a fully functional AED trainer - all in one device. Your students will engage their simulated patients with the same routines they would have on real calls. They will connect patients to the monitoring device and consult it during patient care. With this type of tool, you can better teach your students to perform certain interventions such as oxygen titration or hypotension management.


  • Heart monitoring
  • Blood pressure monitoring
  • Pulse oxymetry monitoring
  • Automated Defibrillation simulation


  • Heart rates from 0 - 242
  • SPO2 values from 0 - 100
  • BP values from 44/29 to 232/162
  • Optional ECG diaplay
  • Fourteen heart rhythms
  • Adult and Pediatric AED energy settings


  • Touchscreen tablet or computer

Screen Shots

Video Tutorial